dijous, 4 de desembre del 2014


Last Friday 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd went to see a play in the big hall in our high school. 
This story is about Tarzan. He lived in the jungle and he had got a friend, a monkey called Cheetah. One day a guide called Clayton and a photographer called Jane went to the jungle. Tarzan met Jane and felt in love but Jane didn't like Tarzan's smell!!!
Clayton was not only a guide, he is also a real hunter and Clayton wanted to shoot Cheetah. But a crocodile killed Clayton.
Tarzan never washed his body, cleaned his teeth or combed his hair. Tarzan looked for a solution. The elephant washed his body, the crocodile taught him to clean his teeth. The lion teaches him to comb his hair.
The play was Tarzan. Some participate in the show: Laia and Arnau, Max, Helena, Maria and Àlex Miró and finally Núria, our teacher.
We liked it a lot! Bye!

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