dilluns, 6 de juliol del 2015

Teatre en anglès: The Peace Kite

Els alumnes de sisè hem representat l’obra “L’estel de la Pau” dins del projecte English Drama. Aquest any, en comptes de basar-nos en una obra o musical coneguts, hem volgut treballar  una història molt original que vol ser un crit per la Pau i l’entesa de tots els pobles i nacions.

This is the story of 2 kids, both called Alex, who live in the same village but in different times. One of them lives in 1714 Barcelona and the other in 2014. They both have a family to love, doubts, fears, dreams... but they lead very different lifestyles: one is pretty humble and caring and the other is a bit spoiled. However, despite the 300-year difference, they’ll eventually find out they’re not so different from each other because they both hate wars. 

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