dimarts, 30 de gener del 2018


Monday 15th January we went to "La Sala" with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades to watch a play called FRANKENSTEIN.

In this story there was a doctor and also his assistant called Frizt. Doctor Frankestein had got a girlfriend that was called Elizabeth but he didn't love her.
One day he wanted to create a terrific monster which name was Frankenstein, as him. He collected different parts of the body of the audience (a brain, some legs, hands, a mouth, bones, elbows...). Then, the doctor used the monster to frightened his girlfriend.
Finally, the doctor let the monster to get married to Elizabeth.

This play was funny because we spend a good time, we participated a lot, at the end of the play we could ask some questions to the actors and we learn English, too.

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